Copywriting for smart-lazy people

Let AI take care of the heavy lifting.


  • There are apps that can write all the content you need for your business in seconds (thanks to GTP-3)

  • It works a lot better than you would expect

  • It can save you an obscene amount of time

  • It’s so affordable, you have to try it

Need to publish content but are not that good at it, can’t afford a copywriter or you just don’t have much time? Luckily, Artificial Intelligence can help you out and I’ve been trying out a few solutions.

They all use a Deep Learning model called Generative Pre-Transformer 3 or GPT-3. In some cases the text it outputs is so good, it’s virtually impossible to distinguish it from human generated one, so this is stuff you can actually use.

The hottest I’ve found so far is Nichesss.

How it works

Let’s imagine you bought a ton of medical masks and you want to sell them online though your own e-commerce. Want to generate a couple of blog posts? Start with inputting a few parameters.

Click generate, and after a few seconds this is what you get.

Sure, you will want to make some corrections to some words and sentences, but in seconds, you have a starting point that is good enough.

You can give it far more advanced commands too.

Done with that? you can do the same to generate advertising text too with endless variations.

Want to validate a problem/solution fit for your side gig with a Google Ad? You can do that too.

Why does it work?

The content it generates is structured well enough to be used out of the box or with a few fast changes. This reduces your time from idea to going live dramatically, and helps if you are a perfectionist that is never ready to launch.

I would imagine if you run an e-commerce with huge inventories or sell on Amazon, having something that can generate all the content and translate it in multiple language can be a real game changer.

Get it here

Right now they are running a lifetime deal at Appsumo. If you have never heard of Appsumo, it’s a website that offers lifetime deals or heavy discounts on apps and products for entrepreneurs. Some are good, some meh, others epic.

This one has the potential to be an epic one. You can get it right here.

Let me know if you try it and what you think of it, or if you come up with some whacky way to use it. I found a list of different projects using GTP-3, some could be useful. Happy digging.

Got ideas? Requests? Problems? Bottlenecks? Let me know.